El Romantico Restaurant - Fine cuisine restaurant



Spring Timbale
Steamed onions and peppers accompanied with goat cheese, flambé with cognac

Salmon Flower
Smoked salmon with cream cheese served on a bed of squash

Stuffed Peppers
With lobster mousse and served with cilantro’s sauce

Tropical Salad
Lettuce, shrimps and Kiwi marinated in balsamic vinegar and virgin olive oil

Country Style Salad
Watercress, candied chicken’s gizzard and liver, strawberries and fresh mushrooms, marinated in passion fruit vinegar and olive oil


Soups and Creams

Pumpkin cream soup
Made with local pumpkin

Fisherman’s Soup
Fish and seafood consommé with vegetables brunoise

Celestine beef Consommé
Beef consommé clarified with crêpes’ juliennes



Dorada from Baní
Whole fish filled with apples and served in a pool of creamy sauce with Pastís

Montecristi Stone-bass
Stone-bass filet stuffed with crab, accompanied with “Nantua” sauce

Salmon from the forest
Salmon filet on cream sauce with porcini mushrooms

Red Snapper with fine herbs
Served with tomatoes concassé perfumed with fresh herbs


Meats and Poultry

Quail Périgourdine style
Quail stuffed with almonds and walnuts, served with truffle sauce

Duck’s Magret
Duck’s supreme with green pepper sauce

Turkey Supreme Florentina style
Filled with Serrano ham and spinach

Lamb’s Noisette
Lamb chops in tamarind sauce

Pork’s Medallion with “Dijon” mustard
Pork filet accompanied with mustard sauce

Chateaubriand (minimum two persons)
Grilled beef filet, flambé and sliced at your table

Tournedos “Pollantis”
Beef filet stuffed with vegetables, peanuts and figs

Your meal may be accompanied with potatoes, rice or vegetable juliennes



Dessert cart with house made pastries

Flambé Crêpes

Tropical fruits with “Grand Marnier”